Why migrate to GXportal 6.0?

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  • 03/26/2019
    • New
      • The possibility of configuring pagination on the contents in the List of contents block is added.
    • Fixes
      • Link to see site and preview from the start page
      • Link to documentation from the start page
  • 03/18/2019
    • GXportal 6.0 was released! Click here to see what's new.
  • 01/14/2019
    • Improvements
      • In the block "Html / Css" the group of properties "Box" is added.
      • In the "Video" block, the property groups "Box" and "Layout" are added.
      • In the page properties (WebLayout) the group "Text" is added with the properties "Source" and "Size". By configuring the "Source" the default font is set to be used throughout the page. With "Size" the base size of the font used by the "rem" unit of measurement is indicated.
  • 03/01/2019
    • New
      • Added the "Slideshow" block of "Components".
    • Improvements
      • In the block of "Gallery of images" the group of properties "Emergent" is added to be able to extend the images of the gallery.
      • In the "Content image gallery" block, the "Emergent" property group is added in order to expand the images in the gallery.
      • In the "Menu" block, the property "Options \ Display submenu \ Floating format \ Align with respect" was added to indicate with respect to which element the submenu is aligned (Option, Block, Sector)
    • Fixes
      • In the "Authentication" block, "Remember user" was not working.
      • The images in the "Image Gallery" block could not be reordered.
      • You could not see the users associated with a role when using SSO.
      • The "Embeber aplicacion" block did not correctly assemble the url if it had a security parameter and parameters came through the url.
      • When creating a "Content Type", being in the tab "Components" and giving "Next" the screen was in an undefined state.