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  • New: The possibility to use authentication in mobile websites has been implemented.
  • New: User preferences are taken into account to filter contents in a website's mobile version.
  • New: It is now possible to show the filter by content type in the advanced search feature.
  • New: The "Maximum Width" property has been added to regions in order to indicate the maximum width they can have.
  • New: Properties have been added at page level to set the title, description and image to use when sharing the page URL from Facebook.
  • Fix: Search results did not take into account the property set to open the content detail in a new tab when the content was a file.
  • Fix: Text style properties were not taken into account for the content summary.
  • Fix: If an email delivery failed when using the password from the backend login, it was changed anyway.
  • Fix: RSS feeds could not be consumed over HTTPS in Java.
  • Fix: In a list of users assigned to a role, the filters or grid paging applied were not working.
  • Fix: A text filter was lost when pressing the advanced filter button; the same happened when selecting the link type in the advanced filter.
  • Fix: The paging feature didn't work in the content type selection grid.
  • Fix: The newsletter was not displayed correctly when the date was shown over the title at the top.
  • Fix: The newsletter looked distorted if the Content GXportlet was set to display the title at the top.
  • Fix: A form could not be copied correctly if it had groups.
  • New: it is now possible to enable paging in the content gxportlet. To do so, there is a new group of Paging properties to enable and configure its behavior. Refer to Enabling content paging
  • New: when contents are expanded in another page, a metatag is now generated to tell Facebook which image to use when sharing the content expansion URL. This metatag is generated with the URL of the first image associated with the content.
  • New: a property has been added to the content detail gxportlet to indicate the position of the content image that will be used as main image when expanding the content. In this way, if more than one image is associated with the content, the first image is displayed when contents are listed. When it is expanded, we can select which of the other images to show first. Refer to How to configure what images are displayed and in what order when showing "More information" about contents?
  • New: New functionalities added to forms with improved editing and the possibility of grouping questions. Refer to How to define forms?
  • New: Share option added to toolbar of Content GXportlet. It enables the possibility of sharing the link to the extended content through Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Google Plus. Refer to Sharing contents in social networks
  • New: New functionalities added to "User Preferences" GXportlet, with the possibility of selecting whether to present only categories, or categories and values, in addition to the option of  presenting “Selected categories and values" (meaning that only the categories preferred by the user and their possible values are presented). A reorganization was made of properties (Labels group), and some properties were added ("Value selection" group, Category width and Selection Width, etc.) Refer to How to show customized contents on my site
  • New: A group of properties - "Customized content"-was added to the "Contents" GXportlet so that when contents are shown considering the user preference categories, if there is no content to show, a message will appear indicating it. The possibility of configuration as to showing all contents or none is also added when there is no one is logged. Refer to How to show customized contents on my site
  • New: The "Width" property was added to the content abstract.
  • New: In "Newsletter subscription" GXportlet, properties were added to set up mouse over image for button "Subscribe" and "Update". It is possible to define style for the field to enter email. The group "Padding" was added for buttons.
  • New: A property was added at the mobile site level to configure languages that apply for the site´s mobile version.
  • Update: Password reminder in login of backend was modified. A new password is generated and sent by email.
  • Update: Anchor was added to the URL of the toolbar option showing the number of comments, so that when it is clicked on it goes to the comments list.
  • Update: In "Change password" GXportlet it is possible to define mouse over image for the Accept and Cancel buttons. It is possible to define the alignment of labels.
  • Update: Properties were added to the "FAQ list" GXportlet to submit questions, answers, and image to expand and collapse.
  • Update: It is possible to configure mouse over for user registry form buttons and captcha are hidden when data is confirmed. Fields of date of birth are aligned.
  • Update: The speed for setting up pages has been optimized.
  • Fix: It was corrected that upon sending the password by mail, the notification message of that action was sent.
  • Fix: In the Entry of Contents in the Categories tab, the grid was corrected to show categories and values in alphabetical order. A button was added to enable the assignment of all categories to the content.
  • Fix: For the case of a language in the site, ? was added at the end of the URL anyway.
  • Fix: In the Entry of Contents in the Categories tab, the grid was corrected to show categories and values in alphabetical order. A button was added to enable the assignment of all categories to the content.
  • Fix: When in the Content GXportlet the title is configured to be shown "on top" and the page is sent by mail, it is received deformed.
  • Fix: When the image superimposed in the Content GXportlet is used, the link to the enlargement in the image is lost.
  • Fix: The url of the second level in a menu is not set up correctly.
  • Fix: Properties of margin and border of content image were not taken into account.
  • Fix: The roles shown as available to assign to a user included frontend or Frontend Content Manager roles even when already assigned to user.
  • Fix: When "friendly url" is not used and the url appears "escaped" (for instance when shared through Facebook), the content detail does not work.
  • Fix: The product image gallery does not consider the style properties.
  • Fix: The product detail GXportlet did not show the title of the table indicating the suggested products.
  • Fix: The components that show a products discounts and list of categories did not consider the style properties
  • Fix: A catalogued link could not be created when editing contents from the frontend
  • New: Superimposing an image to the content image is allowed. Refer to How to associate a superimposed image with a content image?
  • New: A functionality was implemented to allow searching among messages in a forum with the browser. Refer to How to configure the search for forum messages
  • New: A group of properties was added to show responses upon accessing the detail of a forum message in all GXportlets of the forum.
  • New: Properties have been added to configure the mouse over image in buttons of all forum GXportlets.
  • New: It is now possible to download a file with a file type content in the pages of the mobile version.
  • New: A property was added to set up the mouse over image of the send comments button in the Content GXportlet.
  • Update: Example contents and form are no longer shown in page preview.
  • Fix: Web fonts were not visible when the page was executed with safe protocol.
  • Fix: Manual order of contents did not work when the property of date to be used in showing/ordering was the date of content.
  • Fix: For sites with a single language, menus did not set up urls correctly in some cases.
  • Fix: Images of the languages menu were not visible.
  • Fix: The content of newsletters in Apple systems was not visible.
  • Fix: No message was shown indicating that an email was sent with the password from the backend’s login screen.
  • Fix: Alignment of buttons and the title of forum GXportlets have been corrected.
  • Fix: Preview no longer shows the example contents and form.
  • Fix: The menu does not set up the url of options right when they have parameters and the site has only one language.

  • New: The language menu can be designed as a dropdown menu, where only the current language is displayed. When moving the mouse over it, the other languages enabled in the site are displayed.
  • New: In the channel selection screen, the channel tree is displayed showing the structure defined in the sitemap.
  • New: Horizontal menus can be set to adapt to the page size available, hiding options if they don't fit in the window. 
  • New: The menu allows setting option texts to be displayed in a single line.
  • New: The “Content” GXportlet allows setting PDF files to be opened in the browser instead of downloading them.
  • New: A collapsed sector can be expanded as a floating panel.
  • Update: In the web mobile version it is now possible to include code from Google Analytics.
  • Update: For regions, the property "Even distribution of GXportlets" has been renamed to "GXportlets distribution". Its possible values are "Keeping sector width" and "Taking entire width"; the former is the default value.
  • Fix: The channel structure tree is ordered in the screen showing the places where a page is published. It now matches what is displayed in the sitemap.
  • Fix: When updating or deleting the statistics script, part of it remained.
  • Fix: The style was not taken into account when expanding and collapsing a sector with contents. It also happened when using content expansion in the same page.
  • Fix: Setting the status of a web component from the page designer didn't work correctly. After setting it as offline, the status wasn't loaded correctly from the Schema panel and therefore its status could not be changed.

  • New: Two site templates have been added: one for Events and another one for Restaurant.

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