Why migrate to GXportal 6.0?

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Announcement: GXportal 6.1 Has Been Released!

It includes all the new functionalities added since GXportal 6.0! This new version is packed with the features and improvements added to GXportal, including its flagship feature: Stencils, which increase productivity when building pages.

With the arrival of spring in the Southern Hemisphere, the GeneXus R&D team starts to make new releases available.

Today we announce the availability of GXportal 6.1, a new version that is already well-known to those who use GXportal for their websites. Also, those who haven’t tried it yet are invited to do so here by selecting one of the plans available: GXportal Starter, Basic or Professional.

Let's talk now about the features and new developments incorporated in GXportal 6.1.  Stencils are the most anticipated addition; that is, templates that help to replicate designs consistently within the same site. Design improvements are also noticeable in the new blocks that allow integrating new elements: forms, content location, users, and search engines, among others.

Stencils, a new tool to increase productivity

This version introduces the possibility of creating design patterns that can be reused in different pages by means of stencils. In this way, these design stencils allow working on “parts” of a page that are later reused in different places by simply changing the content to be displayed while taking advantage of the same design.

To learn about this new functionality that allows for increased productivity when creating and maintaining site pages, read the article on Stencils.

New blocks to enhance design

New blocks have been added that allow new elements to be used when designing pages, including:


  • User registration form for new users to register on the site
  • In relation to the previous one, the block for the Activation of users who register on the site has been added
  • Advanced search engine that allows filtering by the categories in which contents are organized
  • Content location that lists the links to the pages where the content is published
  • Share feature for sharing the URL of the current page in different social networks
  • Google Maps to embed a Google map.

Content blocks have been strengthened to provide more flexibility when designing content display.

Content editing from the site

It is now possible to edit content from the site itself. In this way, users with the right permissions can edit the published contents directly from the site without the need to access the backend.

More powerful forms

The block for designing forms has been enhanced. Other improvements include the ability to attach files and display Captcha.

Tools for SEO improvement

A log of the URLs that give errors can now be activated, so as to know which URLs are being used by visitors to access the site, and determine a redirection for those cases.

For more details about all these enhancements, read the change log.