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How to create the optimized site for mobile devices

To start creating your site for mobile devices from the site’s Map, you must select the Mobile option from the tree presented on this screen 


A description is provided of a process consisting of the definition of the site’s navigation menu for mobiles. Then the screen type is configured for each option in the menu, it is designed and last comes the option to generate native applications for iOS and Android, which will be generated and uploaded by the GXportal support team, for both Apple Store and Google Play.

In order to start, you must press the Start button in the above screen to get the screen shown below:

The name of the site menu for mobiles is configured to start defining the menu options.
From the root note of the menu we defined in the previous step, we press the New button to get the following screen where we specify the screen type and the name of the menu option. This is repeated for each option in the new menu we want to create.

Screen types supported are:

  • List of Contents
    • Used to present a list of contents such as a news list.
  • Detail of contents
    • Enables us to show the body of contents. It may be used, for instance, for showing only one content on screen, or to expand a page of the List of Contents type.
    • To define an extension page we must, press the New button from a page of the List of Contents type, and the page will be created below the one selected.
  • Embedding web page
    • Enables us to embed a web page inside the application
  • Link to web page
    • Enables us to create a menu option to redirect us to a web page

With these screen types we can obtain designs such as this one

Upon the defined menu when the above screen is closed, the tree shows the options defined, and by clicking on each node, on the right we get the properties dialog with the various configuration options for each screen type. 


When we are positioned on the menu’s main node, we obtain the properties with which we may configure the design of the menu options.

Upon selecting each of the menu options, the properties change according to the page type used in each option. 

When we select the Mobile node we get the application’s overall properties for mobiles and also the options for generating the native application for iOS and Android devices. Read: “How to generate your site’s native applications for iOS and Android”

In order to add new options to the menu, after the site has been initialized, from the tree of the site’s menu for mobiles, press the NEW button to get the following screen where the name of the menu option is provided and the page type is selected.

To delete a node from the menu we must select it from the tree and press the  button

If we are positioned on the menu’s main node, the Delete action will erase the whole menu for mobiles.

When we are positioned on a page of the site for mobiles, the upper toolbar offers the Orientation button which enable us to change the designer’s preview if the device’s orientation is vertical or horizontal.


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