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Change Log - 2010

  • 26/11/2010
    • New: New GXportlets have been added: "Facebook Like", "Facebook Like Box", "Facebook Activity Feed", "Twitter Tweet" (for Basic, Professional and Enterprise editions).
      New: When votes per user are registered in a form, if an email is sent upon completing the form, information about the web user who completed it has been added.
      Update: The content expansion URLs and menu links now don't have additional parameters. As a result, they are more user-friendly.
      Update: In the site map of the pages toolbar, the "Page Location" option has been changed from "Edit" to "More Actions".
      Update: In the content and content expansion portlet, when the toolbar displayed the number of comments of the content, it was only shown if there was a text defined to the left. This restriction has been removed.
      Fix: The Publish button didn’t work in Work With menus.
      Fix: In the site map, when a page was a channel template, it was shown as a template in all the channels it was added, even though in some channels it was not used as a template. The same happened with the homepage.
      Fix: The logos included in the Free to validate against W3C have been fixed.
      Fix: A tag img that was closed with a bar at the end has been fixed so that it doesn't cause an error when validating against W3C.
      Fix: The image gallery of Album type was causing an error. It is now working correctly.
      Fix: The "Text for friendly URL" option was not started in contents consumed via RSS.
  • 4/11/2010
    • New: Properties have been added to the Frequently Asked Questions portlet, properties have been added in the Answers group to configure the margins to be left around the answer, and in the Questions group a property has been added to indicate whether to give the option to collapse and expand the answer upon clicking on the question. In addition, clicking on a frequently asked question no longer reloads the entire page to show the answer.
      New: The possibility to create shortcuts in the URL using catalogued links has been implemented. In this way, it is now possible to create links such as http://www.gxportal.com/blog, where blog is the name of the link defined for the Blog page.
      Fix: In Internet Explorer, the text of a frequently asked question was displayed in several lines.
      Fix: The generation of image tags has been corrected in order to improve code validation using the W3C validator.
      Fix: Metatags have been added to the page header to determine the type of scripting and style sheets.
      Fix: In the catalog entry, the Token field was displayed before the Description field. The order has now been inverted.
      Fix: When sending a test newsletter, it was calculated with the currently logged in user. However, when the final newsletter was sent, the calculation was made using the anonymous user. Now it is always calculated using the anonymous user (if the same page is sent to all users).
      Fix: If a background color (mouseover) was set for a menu, it wasn't taken into account.
      Fix: When the site was set to a language other than Spanish, English or Portuguese, trying to edit a Content Type from the backend caused an error.
      Fix: When using a Free license, the data of the backend administrator user could not be changed.
  • 22/10/2010
    • New: In the screen to configure link styles, a button labeled "default values” has been added to delete the customized configuration and go back to the initial settings.
  • 08/10/2010
    • Fix: The dialog box to edit page data for Internet Explorer has been fixed. The data was not being displayed.
    • Fix: When a web component had a content portlet with the RSS option enabled, the link to this feed was not correct.
  • 08/04/2010
    • New: Expand content without reloading the page. A property is added to the content portlet that allows you to reload the content expansion on the same page, as long as it has a content expansion portlet.
    • New: In Work With Colors, the HEXA value is displayed in a grid column.
    • Fix: When content types are deleted from a group in the dialog of a user's roles, this tree branch is now kept expanded in order to continue deleting content types.
    • Fix: From a user’s roles dialog, when content types are assigned to the selected group, the grid title “select content type” is now kept for the roles.
    • Fix: In the Work With Editions of a newsletter, the Send button is enabled or disabled depending on the edition’s status.
    • Fix: When using the control panel to publish the changes made to the site, the languages are also published, switching those with Pre-Online status to Online and those with Pre-Offline status to Offline.
    • Fix: The option to change the status of a content type by clicking on the status icon didn't work.
    • Fix: The option to select all or none in the permission tree didn’t work.
    • Fix: If a website was published but had no Online or Pre-offline language, it was nevertheless possible to navigate the website from the frontend. Now this is controlled and, if no language is published, a “Website under construction” message is displayed.
    • Fix: The spellchecker of the ckeditor is disabled by default.
    • Fix: The javascript submenus caused an error in IE.
    • Fix: The titles of wiki contents are escaped.
    • Fix: When updating a wiki content from the backend, the wikilinks are lost.
    • Fix: Upon filling a form, an email wasn't received even though it was configured.


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