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Change Log - 2011

  • New: Commas are now accepted in addition to semicolons as separators in email lists used to send alerts when a comment is entered, a survey is answered or a frequently asked question is added.
  • New: An alert can be configured for a list of emails when a frequently asked question is added from the website. To this end, the three GXportlets used to show Frequently Asked Questions have a new grouped of properties called “Alarm” where you can configure the list of emails to be notified as well as the subject of these messages. The message body will contain the question entered by the user as well as his/her email address.
  • New: A new property has been added to the survey gxportlet to configure whether to reset the default values in the form after confirming the data.
  • New: When using dynamic expansion of content, the URL is now updated with the content token. In this way, it is possible to “send” the URL by email and instantiate the content.
  • New: In the work with menus screen the option has been added to publish the menu and its associated submenus.
  • New: The Application Integration module has been incorporated in the Enterprise edition.
  • New: New property to align the Send button in the form or survey.
  • Upd: When creating a new user, the backend and frontend language values of the user are initialized with the default values in GXportal and the site.
  • Fix: When a new language is added to the site, the folders for that language which are necessary for uploading images, audio and video are automatically added.
  • Fix: If a URL with more than 400 characters was added in the Google Gadget GXportlet, it was truncated and therefore the Gadget was not displayed. URLs of up to 2000 characters long are now supported.
  • Fix: In the screen to edit data in a forum, the tags were displayed on top of the fields when using Internet Explorer 9.0.
  • Fix: The default options of a form or survey where not selected if the options where displayed as a combo box or a radio button.
  • Fix: Descriptions of newsletters in the subscription GXportlet were displayed in several lines when accessing with Internet Explorer.
  • Fix: In the survey portlet, the space corresponding to the “Go Back” button was reserved, even though it wasn’t being displayed, when accessing with Internet Explorer.
  • Fix: The RSS of contents displayed on the backend start page didn't take into account the backend language and it was always displayed in Spanish.
  • Fix: The selection screen of a news edition to associate the gxportlet that displays the contents of that edition had editable columns in the grid and the "no edit" option didn't work.
  • Fix: The option to search by forum message subject in the backend didn't work.
  • Fix: The order in which newsletter editions are loaded in the backend has been changed in order to have the latest ones more accessible to edit them. They are now displayed from the latest to the oldest.
  • Fix: When creating a new page from a menu edit, the token for friendly URLs was always the same for all languages.
  • Fix: When generating a report of broken links, it seemed that the process was extremely slow. However, if the screen was closed and opened, it had already been completed.
  • Fix: When inserting an image in the Wiki edition from the Select tab after running a search that returned no results, the option to make another search was hidden.
  • Fix: If a channel description was edited, the language configuration of that channel was lost.
  • Fix: When setting a channel to inherit languages, the preview displayed the channel’s configuration instead of what would be inherited.
  • Fix: Content images are not listed in the dialog to add multimedia if the content is entered in a language other than Spanish, Portuguese or English.
  • Fix: If a new language was enabled, when trying to configure the sector title in that language it was not displayed in the property dialog. It was displayed in portlets created after enabling the language.
  • Fix: Content download didn’t work if the site language used a code with more than two characters (such as Chinese, zh-cn).  
  • Fix: The following scenario was corrected: In the case of a cannel with the same "Friendly Url token" in the various languages, a language is disabled in the site and then a page is defined (neither description nor "Friendly Url token" are entered in the disabled language). When trying to access that page without a language specified, the page is loaded in the first language enabled.
  • Fix: A correction made was for the case where the languages of a channel are not inheriting the site’s languages so that they start inheriting them, and when the predefined language of the site changes, the predefined language of the channel that’s inheriting also changes. The same applies to the status languages of the channel.
  • Fix: In the Languages dialogue of a Channel, the Confirm dialogue closing button was corrected.
  • Fix: In the Languages per Channel dialogue, upon data recording, regardless of whether the site’s languages are inherited or not, control is always made for verifying that the description of the site has been entered in all languages.
  • Update: Once in the sitemap’s root, the buttons on the toolbar appear as disabled.
  • Update: When attempting to delete a channel or a page in the sitemap, the confirmation message shows the name of the channel or page that will be deleted.
  • New: It is now possible to use Web Fonts in the website. They can be obtained from the Google library (Google Web Fonts) or by uploading the corresponding font files. We will write a post in our blog about this feature soon.
  • Update: From the content publishing interface, it is now possible to sort contents published in a sector by selecting a content item published in that sector.
  • Fix: A fix has been made so that when a region is set offline in a template that has properties configured (such as the background image) or has portlets, the pages that inherit from this template do not show this region.
  • New: The generation of sitemap.xml has been changed. Now it is automatically calculated with the URL http://www.domain.com/sitemap.xml;  that is to say, sitemap.xml is added to the production URL. The option to generate this file from the control panel has been removed because it is no longer necessary.
  • New: The "Twitter Follow" portlet has been added.
  • Update: The "Tweet Text" property has been added to the "Twitter Tweet" portlet.
  • Update: When a form has required questions and they are displayed as such, the character used to indicate that a question is required has the same look as the rest of the questions.
  • Fix: Corrections have been made to the form-survey portlet so that forms look similar in different browsers (or with fewer differences): in IE the fields were displayed with greater vertical separation than in FF and Chrome, when the questions where numbered and the line ended with ".-". In IE the dash was displayed in the following line and so on.
  • Fix: If the portlets "Twitter Tweet" and "Facebook Like" were included in a page, sometimes the Twitter or Facebook portlet was displayed twice depending on their order.
  • Fix: After changing a property of the “External Application” portlet, the embedded application was not loaded again.
  • Fix: When indicating required questions in a form, it was possible to select the first one and the questions immediately below the previous required question. If a question was not required, the other questions below it could not be marked as required.
  • Fix: If a value was set for the site property “HTML to include in HEADER” it wasn’t possible to edit it again.
  • Fix: When a region was enabled or removed from a template with the option to force the change to all the pages that inherit from that template, the change was applied only to the pages included in the same channel as the template. It wasn't applied to the pages that were included in the parent channels of the template channel and inherited its design.
  • Fix: In the content portlet, setting Columns=0 didn’t show all contents horizontally. They were displayed in one column.
  • Fix: When completing a form, if a style was applied to the fields and a message was displayed, for instance, about missing required data items or if the form was completed and the fields remained enabled, the style applied to some fields was lost (text, date and numeric).
  • Fix: When the forms had checkbox type questions and checkboxes were displayed with a description of the question on the right, if the browser was resized: in Firefox and Chrome the question was displayed to the right of the checkbox, and in IE the question was displayed below the checkbox. This behavior is now the same in all browsers.
  • Fix: It was possible to define a detailed page as channel template.
  • Fix: If a page had a video GXportlet and a menu GXportlet whose submenus were displayed on mouseover, the links to the pages didn’t work.
  • New: When the number of rows is set to zero in a content portlet, in the page designer only up to 10 content items are displayed. In this way, if many content items are displayed in the sector, it is loaded faster. If a value other than zero is configured, the setup is taken into account when viewing it from the page designer.
  • New: Languages can be set by channel, that is to say, the language menu will take this configuration into account to show the languages available for a page depending on the channel in which it is located.
  • New: When fields have been set to be disabled upon completing a survey or form, now the Send button is also hidden if the entered data is correct.
  • New: When a content item is going to be expanded in the same page in which the content abstract is displayed (for example, when a content list is shown), if the expansion does not fit on the screen, the scrollbar may be configured so that it can be moved in order to display the expanded content. To do so, the content portlet now has a property labeled “Position yourself on content detail”, which has to be set to Yes.
  • Update: The language interface of the website has been made simpler. The website default language can be seen from there, and you can also select a new default language.
  • Fix: Translations for wiki content could not be created.
  • Fix: It wasn’t possible to edit or delete an image from the content Work With interfase.
  • Fix: While being positioned on a wiki or content detail page, if the language was changed the content instance was not kept.
  • Fix: The link to the content shown in the notification email sent when a new comment is entered about a content item has been fixed. The URL, which used to be relative, is now absolute. In addition, this URL is assigned to the title of the content shown in the email.
  • Fix: In the content portlet, the color property of the abstract was not taken into account.
  • Fix: When the fields of the form or survey were disabled, the options’ format was lost.
  • Fix: If a survey had a combo box and a field with a radio button, the latter took as default option the same one that had been set for the combo.
  • Fix: When a newsletter was sent in text format, the special characters in the abstract were not displayed correctly (they were escaped).
  • Fix: When opening the page designer, if there was a language menu the cookie indicating the frontend language set by the user to see page descriptions, contents and so on was changed.
  • Fix: When a page was configured for the login GXportlet to redirect users after logging in, it couldn't be removed afterwards.
  • Fix: After validating the RSS to be consumed by a content type, fields are enabled to configure the language, the update frequency and whether contents consumed via RSS can be edited.
  • Fix: Messages posted on a forum could not be deleted.
  • Fix: In Internet Explorer, the fields of a form are now displayed with the selected style. It worked in other browsers but not in Internet Explorer.
  • New: A property has been added to the Wiki gxportlet to show or hide the "Edit" option.
  • New: A property has been added to the Wiki gxportlet to allow/not allow anonymous users to edit contents.
  • Upd: A Favicon icon has been configured for backend login.
  • Upd: The Content Type delimiter has been changed in a WikiLink from “:” to "\". 
  • Upd: The URLs of wiki type contents are now friendlier.
  • Fix: Errors have been corrected to manage images, links and catalogs of a Wiki from the frontend.
  • Fix: An error occurred upon selecting Content Types associated with a Content gxportlet if the website was in a language other than English, Spanish or Portuguese.
  • Fix: :In some cases, if a menu option was set to open a popup window, clicking on the option would open two popup windows.
  • Fix: If the content gxportlet has the link to “Read More” configured in the title, but the content doesn’t have a link (content types: link or file), the style set to the title is not applied.
  • New: The Breadcrumb GXportlet has been added to automatically create menus such as: Home > Courses > GXportal > 5.0
  • New: The backend Work With users now allows you to download a list of the users registered with the site.
  • New: The Favicon property has been added to set the site image to be displayed in the navigation bar. It is located at Configuration->Design Properties, SEO and miscellaneous->SEO and Miscellaneous.
  • Update: Optimizations have been made so that the Work With sitemap, contents and design options load faster.
  • Update: It is now possible to create URL shortcuts based on catalogued links such as “Content” or “External link”.  
  • Update: The HTML content editor has been updated to CKEditor 3.5.
  • Update: Optimizations have been made to the Work With contents, links, menus, images and sitemap.
  • Fix: Configuring an SMTP server for sending mail that used authentication wasn’t possible.
  • Fix: When completing a form, if its description by language had been entered and an error message was displayed, the descriptions were lost.
  • Fix: The external application portlet has been fixed so that pressing “Back” on the browser takes the user to the previous page, instead of going back within the embedded application.
  • Fix: When adding a portlet using IE, the place in which it would be added was not displayed.
  • Fix: When a text of more than one line was entered as the default text of a form field, it was aligned downwards inside the field.  
  • Fix: If an error message was displayed when editing a form's data because, for example, the publication dates were wrong, the data entered in the descriptions by language was lost.
  • Fix: If content that had more than one version was edited from the page designer, when going back to the designer that content was duplicated.
  • Fix: If a page had a region with a portlet and later on this region was disabled, the portlet of the disabled region continued to be displayed.
  • Fix: New data was not displayed after setting a content's rating from the site page.  
  • Fix: Upon entering a comment on a Wiki, it was displayed only after reloading the page.
  • Fix: If there was a first–level menu option that had a link configured and a drop-down submenu displayed on mouseover, the option link didn’t work.
  • Fix: The Free HTML portlet had a two-pixel margin.


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