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Change Log - 2012

  • New: The property "Login page (PDA)" was added to specify the login page when using mobile devices.
  • Update: Performance optimizations in the "Add existing content" dialog to a content GXportlet.
  • Fix: When adding a content to the Content GXportlet using the "Add existing content" dialog, it was only added in the current language, with the translations being added manually.
  • Fix: In the GXportlet Slider, if an image has a defined interactive area, it propagates to the following images that do not have defined zones.
  • Fix: When entering a content by editing frontend while in the preview, when confirming, it logs off and does not enter the content.
  • Fix: Some functions of the content editor did not work when using it through frontend editing.
  • Fix: Menu links do not work when the preview is accessed after modifying some property of the GXportlet
  • Fix: The image selection dialog of a menu option loads the list of images in the backend language instead of the frontend.
24/09/2012: (GXportal 5.1 was released!)
  • New: It is possible to define different types of identification, for example, that users log in with an email and password or with an identity document and password, etc. This is from the option Control Panel -> Security -> Types of identification
  • New: Added a new GXportlet "Access to the portal" (Login) with more flexibility to define its aesthetics and the possibility of defining different "Types of identification" to be used. The previous version of GXportlet continues to work but it is no longer possible to add it.
  • New: New interface to work centrally with multimedia files associated with the contents. From here the images, audio and video that can be associated with the contents are administered.
  • New: For the contents, the field "Date of Content" was added. This data is assigned in the edition of a content. For all existing content, the "Content Date" will be initialized with the creation date of the content.
  • Update: In the GXportlets "Content" and "Content Expansion" a new property was added to define if it is going to be displayed and sorted by the start date of publication or by the date of the content.
  • Update: In the GXportlet "Related contents" the date of the content is now displayed (before it was the creation date)
  • Update: In the GXportlet "Content History" is used to filter and sort the date of the content (before the creation date was used)
  • Update: A new property was added in the GXportlet "External application" so that when loading an application you can choose between three possible behaviors: "Stay in the current position", "Position yourself at the top of the application", "Position yourself in the Top of the page. " By default the behavior is "Stay in the current position" for compatibility.
  • Update: Added the possibility to indicate the date range of publication of a region or sector.
  • New: The Publish button was added from the page designer
  • New: Added the option to force the publication of changes when you enable or disable regions of a page. Keep in mind that if this option is selected the changes will be automatically seen in the production site.
  • New: The configuration button is added to the GXportlet "Language menu" in order to edit the site's id from the designer.
  • New: In the sitemap the selected filters are remembered when you return to the sitemap after having passed through another part of the backend and also remember in which channel of the tree it was stopped.
  • Update: The Google Maps GXportlet was updated to use Api Version 3 (instead of Version 2). With this change, you no longer have to define the Access Code for each map.
  • Update: For the product catalog, a property was added to define if the prices of the products are to be shown with decimals or not.
  • Fix: the contents published in the template were not visible in the pages that are inside subchannels children of the channel that contains the template
  • Fix: the search engine to work with content did not search for text contained in the title. Now you can search for a word or part of it, no matter where it is in the title of the contents.
  • Fix: the search engine of working with contents of a sector worked only if the text was placed to search in capital letters.
  • Fix: in the list of regions from the Designer's Scheme component, the regions that were in the Previous Offline state were not displayed
  • Fix: when a page is created to expand content, if it has been selected, the option to inherit the template's design is now created with the same regions defined in the template. The content expansion gxportlet remains in the second available column if there is more than one enabled but is left in the first column. If you do not have any column enabled, you must manually add in the region you want to present the detail of the content.
  • Fix: entering with the user gxpadmin to the option to see the languages ​​of the site did not show any in the grid
  • Fix: if you go to the contents of the sector from a gxportlet of categorized contents, the up and down buttons are disabled now as the order in this gxportlet is made alphabetically.
  • Fix: when going to the option to add a related content filter was lost by text after selecting the type of content. Also now the filter by content type is selected with the option All.
  • Fix: In the product catalog you could not enter the details of the products.
  • Fix: In the product catalog when a new product was defined, its main image could not be uploaded. You could upload the image when you were going to update the product. Now you can upload the image when you are defining a product.
  • Fix: The properties of the region are shown disabled and with the values ​​of the template in case they are being inherited from it.
  • Fix: The main page and template could not be selected from channel editing.
  • Fix: The GXportlet Site Map was not drawn correctly if it was configured to show only channels and they did not have their main page configured.
  • Fix: After filtering the data of a grid (for example, that of users), when selecting an element, the grid was reloaded, losing the selection.
  • Fix: If you went to the second page of a grid and an element was edited, when you return the first page of the grid was loaded, losing the selection.
  • Fix: In some cases the confirmation message of delete channel showed a channel name different from the one that was to be deleted.
  • Fix: When designing an image using Chrome, after applying a transformation, the image was not reloaded.
  • Fix: Unable to set transparent background color in the image gallery GXportlet.
  • New: It is allowed to change the definition of a color, that is, its Hexadecimal identifier and changes are automatically made in all the properties where the color was being used to use the new definition.
  • New: Optimizations for SEO. Google guidelines for the indexing of pages with ajax content were implemented.
  • Update: The restriction of the number of images, videos and audios that can be associated with the content was lifted. From now on the types of content are enabled if you can associate multimedia files (images, videos and audio), the minimum amount required and the maximum amount that is allowed. This is mainly useful to present a Content Image Gallery.
  • Update: The multimedia file allocation interface was improved in the content entry (buttons were grouped and the left visible area was enlarged)
  • Fix: If an extension page is configured in the template, it is not used by the pages that inherit from the template if they are in a subchannel.
  • Fix: If it was set to see the Facebook Like in Contador or Box Count format it was not shown by changes in the implementation of these Facebook plugins. In addition to fixing this the minimum default width that this button occupies in these formats now becomes 115 pixels.
  • Fix: In Internet Explorer, the content publishing screen was cut across.
  • Fix: In the External Application GXportlet dynamic height did not work when using Firefox.
  • Fix: If when writing the url of the site a bar was placed at the end (domain.com/channel/), it returned "page not found".
  • New: Added the "Related Content" GXportlet that presents the content related to a content (which is instantiated in the URL or defined in the GXportlet). You can configure the presentation of the titles, summary, main image, date and author, expansion of the contents.
  • New: The GXportlet "Categorized Contents" was added, which allows the contents published in the same grouped by the category to which they belong to be displayed.
  • New: Added the "Channel - Current Page" GXportlet, which allows you to display the name of the current channel and / or page.
  • New: It is possible to align the GXportlets within a region. At the region level, the property "Uniform distribution among GXportlets" was added. If it is assigned the value "No", its alignment can be configured.
  • New: Added the ability to import users from a .csv file into the database. For each line of the file if it is valid it is recorded in the database, otherwise it is recorded in the Event Viewer.
  • Update: In the GXportlet "Gallery of images of contents" a property was added that allows to begin to unfold the gallery presenting the first image of the content. The properties were regrouped.
  • Update: In the GXportlet "Sitemap" it is possible to display a particular branch of the tree, configuring an initial channel or inferring it from the template. In addition, now it is allowed to display only the channels of the site with a link to the main page of the same.
  • Update: From the image designer, selecting a color with the "Dropper" tool is added to the colors defined in the site.
  • Update: The "Channel Menu" GXportlet is removed. Use the GXportlet "Sitemap" instead.
  • Fix: in the GXportlet of survey to the message that appears when some required data is missing, the text of the question that is missing is added.
  • Fix: When using SSO, if it was configured that the service was of type "GeneXus" it did not work.

  • New: now you can define an image to be displayed when the option is selected and the menu is displayed in Image format.
  • New: GXportlet "Content image gallery" has been added.
  • New: the GXportlet "Slider" of images was added.
  • New: it is counted in the backend with an image editor that allows resizing, trimming, rounding edges among other functions. Note: temporarily it is not fully functional in Internet Explorer, it is recommended to use Firefox or Chrome for its use.
  • New: added the option to define "interactive zones" (maps) to an image. This is done with the image editor.
  • New: it is allowed to associate a link to a design image. This value is used by the "Image" portlet and the "Slider" portlet.
  • New: it is allowed to associate a "miniature" image with an image. It is used by the "Image gallery" portlet.
  • New: Added the option to "copy" and "generate thumbnail" of an image.
  • New: the option "Set as main site" was added to the "Site map" menu to set up the initial page of the site more quickly.
  • Fix: the option "Forward to all users" did not work when sending a newsletter.
  • Fix: the page sent in a newsletter did not have the links with "friendly url".
  • Fix: if the "text for friendly url" of a content started with a number, the content was not seen in the content extension (only in case of not using "friendly url").
  • Fix: if you entered to modify a content and the edition was canceled, the list of contents showed that this user was the last one to modify the content despite having canceled.


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