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Change Log - 2013

  • New: The possibility to configure a vignette image for each menu option was added. 
  • New: The "Background" group was added in the Contents GXportlet  to set the content's background color and image by "running the mouse" over contents and "selecting" a specific content. 
  • New: "Title" Subgroups were added in the Contents GXportlet, in the "Title" group to set its style when "running the mouse over the content", when "running the mouse over the title" and when "selecting" contents.
  • New: The "Link to view more on the content" property was added in the Contents GXportlet, in the "View more" group, to extend it when clicking on any area of the contents. 
  • New: The "Separation on title" property was added in the Contents GXportlet.
  • New: Properties were added in the Contents GXportlet to indicate the internal margin of each content. 
  • New: For the expand/collapse sector button, it is possible to specify an image by "running the mouse".
  • New: In the Advanced ScrollBar there is the possibility of specifying images "running the mouse" for buttons. 
  • New: There is the possibility of showing the list of categories associated with contents when listing results of search.
  • Update: In the Advanced ScrollBar it is possible to locate horizontal buttons to the sides of the GXportlet by setting the "Locate scrollbar below" property as "No".
  • Fix: When the options of a floating submenu were underlined in the Menu GXportlet, the vignette was also underlined. 
  • Fix: In the Menu GXportlet, the "Vertical alignment" property of the submenu options was not working when it was floating.
  • Fix: The menu options did not take the value set in "running the mouse" for the text when the mouse was run over the option but without going over the text. 
  • Fix: The Record GXportlet did not load values of the "Sex" field as specified in properties. 
  • Fix: Advanced ScrollBar did not work when applied to the Contents GXportlet. 
  • Fix: When editing content from the frontend, the editor loaded help labels in Spanish even when the backend language was different. 
  • Fix: The region's "Repeat background image" property was editable even when properties were inherited from the template. 
  • Fix: In the Contents GXportlet, it was not possible to specify, as percentage, the width of the Related Links table. 
  • Fix: In IE10, dynamic content extension was not working.
  • Fix: Advanced Scrollbar did not reach the end of content when images were shown.
  • Fix: Upon assigning an existing page to a new channel, when it had Contents GXportlets, it was not possible to assign Contents nor Content Types to that channel. 
  • Fix: When showing horizontal contents in Chrome, 100% was left for the first content. 

  • New: The "Pages where published" GXportlet was added to indicate pages where a specific content is published.
  • New: The property "Repeat background image" was implemented for regions and sectors. 
  • New: The "Return to previous page" property was added in the Login GXportlet ("Enter Button" group).
  • New: A webservice was implemented to authenticate against GXportal from external applications. 
  • New: The possibility of showing the list of categories associated with contents when search results are listed has been added.
  • New: A new web service has been implemented, that is compatible with the GAM, to be used by external applications for authentication against users defined in the site.
  • Fix: In the GXportlet Menu, the access to submenu option does not hide when there is no access to any of the options. 
  • Fix: When a menu option in a submenu was deleted, the tree was not refreshed and the option deleted continued to be there. 
  • Fix: When the image for the sector collapse option is not configured, the option for the user to perform this action is not generated.
  • Fix: Values configured in the properties of the Separator GXportlet were not loaded.
  • Fix: When collapsing/expanding a sector by clicking on the title, the image indicating the "collapsed" or "expanded" status did not change.
  • Fix: The screen is greyed when a file is uploaded using Firefox 22.
  • Fix: Not possible to sort contents in the GXportlet of Categorized Contents when dialog is called from Publication.
  • Fix: The GXportlet of Categorized Contents did not abide by the order established for contents.
  • Fix: The Content type search filter was sensitive to upper/lower case.
  • Fix: Page properties are deleted when a Web Component is deleted from it. 
  • Fix: Certain page properties were ignored in sites with a single language. 
  • New: New properties added to the page. In the SEO group Tag Tile is added to allow customization of the tag if a description different from the page is desired for this. A property is added to allow the inclusion of HTML code within the page’s Header tag, and a property is added to allow indication of whether the search engines should index that page. In the design group, a property is added to indicate a centered page, where the pre-determined value is "Inherit" meaning that the value is taken from the setting at the site properties level. Properties are added to set up color or background image, which precede the settings at the site properties level.
  • New: The property "Repeat background image" is added, both at the site properties and at the page levels, allowing the indication as to whether the background image set up should be repeated, or if it is to be repeated only horizontally or vertically, or if it should not be repeated. The pre-determined value is that it should be repeated, as it has been functioning so far.
  • New: The filter by category/subcategory has been added to the dialogs Work with contents and Content existent for publication.
  • Update: On the Sitemap, the page’s properties are now set up from the properties grid. The same happens when using the button to edit the page’s data from the designer. The Edit button vanishes when a page is selected. 
  • Update: The functioning of the "Categorized Contents" GXportlet was changed, so that now it allows defining the categories to be shown and sort the categories and contents published. 
  • Fix: The floating menu in IE10 was not functioning when it had viewing effects set up. 
  • Fix: The dialog for recovering content version was not functioning. 
  • Fix: In some cases, the automatic detail page was not functioning. 
Important: Due to the fix referred to the automatic detail page, it may happen that the Contents GXportlets will show the link on the title and the "See more" option in the bottom section. The reason for this is that the default value for these properties is "Yes" but they were not being applied due to the error. If it is not correct to display the link, this is solved by setting the "Link to see more in title" and "Display see more bottom" properties as "No".

  • New: A new access level to forums has been added; it allows anonymous users to read messages but doesn’t let them create messages or post answers to them.
  • New: It is now possible to define an image to be displayed when moving the mouse over the Send button of a form.
  • New: The customization level of the forum list GXportlet has been increased.
  • New: In the Sector properties within the Collapse group the property "Enable this function in the header" has been added; when set to YES, the expand and/or collapse feature of the Sector also works upon clicking on the title displayed for the sector.
  • New: The property "Send button image on mouseover" has been added to the form/survey gxportlet.
  • New: It is now possible to apply the option to expand and/or collapse a sector in its title.
  • New: Properties have been added to the Text GXportlet to configure the text color, background color and font style displayed when moving the mouse over the text. In addition, a property has been added to set the text spacing.
  • New: In the Content GXportlet a group of properties labeled "On mouseover" has been added to the "Toolbar" and "General Toolbar" group. This allows changing the text color, background color and font style on mouseover. It applies to all the options shown in the toolbar with a "read more" option as well as in the general toolbar containing the RSS option.
  • Fix: When moving the mouse over the Image gxportlet, it didn’t work unless a link was set to the image. This issue has been fixed.
  • Fix: Controls have been implemented so that characters can’t be entered in numeric fields of a form.
  • Fix: Characters were accepted in a form of numeric type.
  • Fix: The submenu was displayed as text even if it was configured as Images in the Format property.
  • Fix: The language parameter at the end of the Friendly URL in content expansions has been removed when there is only one online language for the site.
  • Fix: The service returning the user logged in to gxportal didn’t work from the backend.
  • Fix: When the property "Even distribution among GXportlets" was set to "No", it didn’t allow adding GXportlets to a region.
  • Fix: The property "Image on mouseover" of the Image GXportlet didn't work if the image didn’t have a link configured.
  • Fix: Options in the site list of the backend didn’t work upon making a search.
  • Fix: Upon exceeding the maximum number of images, audio or video files that could be associated with a content item from the multimedia tab, the error message would only read Error without giving any more details about its cause.

  • New: The option to export the site was added to the control panel. This option enables each site administrators to backup it.
  • New: Support was added for entering content by frontend, working on the site preview.
  • New: The option to export results from a survey has been added. It is downloads onto a spreadsheet all the survey answers entered. 
  • New: A property was added to set line spacing in titles, summaries and body of contents. 
  • New: The possibility of restricting the number of related contents shown in a GXportlet has been added.
  • New: It is possible to set the content detail page at site level. 
  • New: It is now possible to change the content type for a content.
  • Update: The interface for selecting the site’s template has been enhanced, with the possibility of a demo of what the site would look like prior to creating it. 
  • Update: The properties for the overall setting of the site (webservices and default font) have been eliminated.
  • Update: Property groups and properties of GXportlets have been reorganized to make them easier to find, and some of them have been renamed to make the application more intuitive. 
  • Fix: The creation of a page was allowed without being positioned on any channel.  
  • Fix: Title of selected content had default colors of browser. 
  • Fix: A comma was missing in the linking of metatags at the site and page level. 
  • Fix: The assignment did not take place when trying to add activities to an activity in order to set them in groups.
  • Fix: A correction was made so that, upon a list of contents, when the content selected on the page is extended, if the detail content GXportlet is set for an initial content to appear, then such content will be shown as selected on the contents list when the page is loaded. 
  • Fix: The site’s Favicon was not visible in Chrome and Internet Explorer.
  • Fix: The menu of an application in combo format did not establish the link correctly. 

  • New: files are attached to the alert email sent when a form or survey is completed with fields enabled to upload files. 
  • Fix: In the detail of the reply to a survey by user, not all replies could be viewed when they exceeded the screen’s size.
  • Fix: Contents frontend edition not working (remains grayed out) when the page has one of the following GXportlets: Video, Image Gallery, Google Map, Google Gadget, Google Feed.

  • New: Upon a list of contents and extended contents on the same page, now it is possible to highlight the list of contents and the content selected.
  • New: The "Save As" option was added to channels, menus, contents and surveys.
  • Update: The maximum length of characters in the description of a contents category and subcategory has been extended.
  • Update: When executing an action on a grid, it remains grayed out during its update.
  • Update: Metadata was added to the site’s preview, to prevent browsers from indexing it.
  • Fix: The page’s Link dialogue returned an error in some cases where it was not visible.
  • Fix: Several GXportlets were modified so that when the text is linked and it does not appear underlined, the browser will not underline it in blue by default. Some of the GXportlets modified are: Content Extension (when the list of related contents is shown), Text, Welcome, Exit, Form (Send button), Contents (Send comment button, Send email and Print in tool bar), Browser, Advanced Browser.


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