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Change Log - 2014

  • New: It is allowed to create a site based on the export of another. See How to create a site based on an export of another?
  • New: Property is added at the level of the options of the first level of the menu and of the submenus to indicate if they want to display the texts in uppercase. See How to show menu texts in uppercase without retyping them?
  • New: The background image property is added to the slider. This allows to configure images degraded by each image of the slider so that it can be adapted to the width of the screen when 100% is configured in the width of the sector that contains the slider.
  • New: New property Opacity of the background color for both the background color of the regions and the sectors. This allows defining a percentage from 0 to 100 that defines the transparency of the background color of the region or sector. See How to set the background color opacity of regions?
  • New: New properties to configure background of odd and even lines in the content list GXportlet. See How to set different backgrounds in a Content GXportlet?
  • New: New properties to show the images of the contents alternated between left and right. See How to show alternate left and right images?
  • New: Property to fix the region. This allows for example to leave the head fixed while the user scrolls down on the page. See How do we set regions in a page?
  • New: The button to share on Twitter was added the option to include the title of the page as part of the text of the Tweet
  • New: Facebook's Like button has been added with the option to show the Share button
  • New: New property Text in the language menu that allows you to change the description for each language. If you do not configure it, you continue taking the language description. See How to customize the language menu description?
  • Fix: When wanting to add a message to a forum, it gave an error in the response time exceeded.
  • Fix: If you have configured to expand the content on the same page, the contents with links and files did not work
  • Fix: White background is placed in the help text of the advanced search engine so that it can be read if you are using filters by category and date of publication
  • Fix: When creating a new menu now nothing is shown in the tree until it is created
  • Fix: When editing a menu if the tree option was not an equal menu, the options of the New button were left enabled.
  • Fix: When editing a menu it was allowed to put an option pointing to the menu that was being edited which produced an infinite loop
  • Fix: Content assigned as the initial content to the content detail is displayed when you are in the page designer or style designer
  • Fix: If the property "Image on the right 1" was configured in the content detail, it was not shown
  • Fix: Property is added in the Wiki Discussion group to determine who can enter comments, the options are only registered users or all.
  • Fix: If a form was confirmed and required data were not entered, the options of the RADIO BUTTON, CHECKBOX and COMBO questions were no longer displayed. They also failed to mark what the required questions were.

We release GXportal 5.2 for Java platform

See  GXportal 5.2 Setups


We release GXportal 5.2 for .NET platform

See  GXportal 5.2 Setups


We released GXportal 5.2 RC!

See What's new in GXportal 5.2?
  • New: new functionality to create sites optimized for mobile
  • New: you can add backend users to the Free and Starter plans
  • Fix: in the portlet of related contents are now displayed ordered from the newest to the oldest
  • Fix: When sending newsletter in text format, it did not filter contents according to user preferences
  • Fix: when editing content from the frontend with a user who has the web administrator role or content manager, it was allowed to add contents based on a Content Type that was not assigned to the sector.
  • Fix: The relationship content with category was not removed when removing categories from the content. The category tab is hidden when the edited content is of the Wiki type
  • Fix: when the pageredict was used and in the URL came additional or user parameters these were lost after going through the login for the case of being redirected to a restricted page
  • Fix: when creating a site, if the URL of the production site was left empty, it would give an error message that does not apply to this case
  • Fix: advanced search engine button is underlined even though the style property is set so that it is not underlined.
  • Fix: copying properties from one GXportlet to another was not copying the Style property
  • Fix: when copying properties between GXportlets of different type the style property was lost
  • Fix: if you use the advanced search engine with a search engine other than Lucene, the summary of the content in the results was not shown
  • Fix: the properties to configure the date shown did not work in the GXportlet of Related Contents
  • Fix: property Separation between fields of the group Navigation of the gxportlet slider was not taken into account in the case that the Mode property was configured with the Images value.
  • Fix: Some styles were not initialized when creating a site
  • Fix: sending a newsletter in HTML format in Java was wrong
  • Fix: role was not assigned if the user was assigned that role in another site that shares the same security repository

  • New: the social media gxportlets group is added to the button plus one of google, the button to share the page in google plus and linkedin, the button to follow someone in google plus and the button to follow a company in linkedin
  • New: The property Position of the background in the regions is added, this allows for example to center the image that is used as background of the region.
  • New: when the user uses the option to recover password, it is reset and the new one is sent to him by email
  • Fix: If there is no internet access in the backend, the Site Map is accessed instead of the Start page after logging in.
  • Fix: when creating a new content the Token for the friendly URL was initialized with a number and therefore the token was not calculated based on the entered title.
  • Fix: when doing a save as on a content whose body is a file gave error.
  • New: Added to the gxportlet of contents the group "Date as a stamp" that allows to configure different designs to show the date of the content instead of the image that both to the left and to the right of the head of the contents.
  • New: It is allowed to add a Captcha in the user registry.
  • New: Associate thumbnail image to multimedia image.
  • New: In the advanced search engine you add property to filter categories to be shown in the filter by category and another property to indicate if you want to show the filter by dates.
  • New: The offer price and tax rate field is added at the product level. Also in the product list this offer price is shown with more priority than the offers defined by date range.
  • New: By sending a newsletter with the option of sending a different email for each subscriber, it is controlled that there is at least one content in any of the content sectors that are used in the page to be sent.
  • New: In working with content images, the columns "Width", "Height", "Size" and the filter by Size are added.
  • Fix: when creating a new content the Token for the friendly URL was initialized with a number and therefore the token was not calculated based on the entered title.
  • Fix: The photo gallery did not show the selected images from the page designer.
  • Fix: the gallery of images in table format did not respect the alignment configured in the sector because it had a width of 100%.
  • Fix: When doing a save as of a page, the properties of the regions were not being copied and they were forced to inherit from the template in case the page was inheriting the design of the template.
  • Fix: If you configure the "Image indicating submenu" property in both the first level of the menu and the sub-level options, the sub-menu was not shown when you configured it to be displayed when you hover over the option.
  • Fix: When a web component is added to the designer, "Sector" does not take the title of the sector on the page.
  • Fix: When a web component was enabled the property to show the title of the sector, it showed the description of the web component instead of showing what was entered in the property where the sector title is configured.
  • Fix: Some properties of the GXportlet "Recent changes" of the wiki do not work.
  • Fix: Some buttons were underlined although the default style of the button style indicated otherwise.
  • Fix: The default of the property "Uniform distribution between GXportlets" is changed in the regions for the value NO, for compatibility the SI value is set for the pages created previously.
  • Fix: The information on which section and subsection was selected when clicking on the product sections menu was not generated and therefore the filters were not applied in the product list.
  • Fix: Survey selection list used from the property editor was missing paging buttons.
  • Fix: The url to consume RSS of the GXportlet of content was with double bar (//) after the domain.
  • Fix: The filter did not work according to the categories configured in the user preferences in the content portlet for the case in which the user had only selected the categories, for the case of the subcategories it worked well.
  • Fix: The filter by categories in the content portlet did not work when a newsletter was sent.
  • Fix: When the amount of rows to be displayed was configured in the content gxportlet, filtering the contents by the user's preference categories could result in no content being seen.
  • Fix: Changing the state of the sector from the property editor lost the style configured for that sector.
  • Fix: The ID of the type of login used was not sent to the SSO webservice.
  • Fix: In the "Content Detail" portlet, the "Comments" icon was not working in the toolbar.
  • Fix: It was not allowed to change the order of the menus assigned to a sector.
  • New: GXportlets styles. It is supported in all GXportlets.
  • New: The option of copying properties from a GXportlet in the page designer is added and pasted onto a style.
  • New: When working with design images, the columns "Width", "Height", "Size" and the filter by Size are added.
  • New: The option of configuring a color for each content category is added.
  • Fix: The detail of a product is cut in IE8.
  • Fix: The values inherited from the template are not shown in the property editor for the case of the region.
  • Fix: It did not work consuming content body through an RSS generated by a site made in GXportal.
  • Fix: You can not edit a multi-valued property if it has many elements.
  • New: GXportlets styles. Currently it is supported in the following GXportlets: Text, Content, Survey, Search Engine, Advanced Search Engine.
  • New: In the GXportlet of "Content" and "Content Detail" a property was added in the "Title" group to show the title in upper case.
  • New: In the enlarge page selection dialogs, all pages are now listed.
  • New: Added the possibility to specify the categories that are shown in the contents in the GXportlet "Search result".
  • New: New property to put a separator text between the categories in the GXportlet "Search result".
  • Fix: You could not specify the default value by language in the Text type questions in the definition of a Survey / Form.
  • Fix: Alignment problems were fixed in some versions of Chrome.ç
  • Fix: Several cases were corrected in which the contents in the GXportlet "Pages where it is published" were incorrectly listed.
  • Fix: The background image of the title did not work for the selected content.
  • Fix: The content margin is not applied if the "Link over all content" property is not active.
  • Fix: Webfonts do not work in IE11.
  • Fix: The separation between contents was not drawn in Chrome.


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