Conditions of use

Conditions of Use of Intellectual Property License of GXportal in Online Model

The GXportal USER commits to:
  1. Explicitly acknowledge that the GXportal product and all materials received in connection therewith, as well as any associated ideas, are the exclusive property of GXportal.

  2. Not to disclose nor use for his own benefit any of the ideas and techniques that make GXportal possible.In particular, the user agrees not to reverse engineer it in order to interpret its code, nor to enable others to do so.

  3. In order to access the service, the user agrees to register and provide the information requested by GXportal on its website.

  4. Service features vary according to the plan purchased. We recommend reading said features here.

  5. SLA: GXportal commits to inform the user at least 3 business days in advance of any interruptions in the service due to software upgrades or maintenance tasks, for which completion GXportal has a maximum of 20 hours per year.

  6. GXportal has the authority to cancel the service to websites that it considers do not comply with the requirements of use of the tool or trademarks and logos.

  7. GXportal will limit broadband and disk space use depending on the plan purchased by the user. We recommend reading the features corresponding to each plan here. In the event that this requirement is not met, GXportal retains the authority to cancel the service.

  8. From time to time, GXportal may make modifications or additions to the policy contained in the conditions of use.In the event of substantial changes, we will notify the user through an announcement featured on our website

  9. GXportal understands that the privacy of its users is extremely important. Please click here to learn more.

  10. GXportal has the authority to install upgrades of the tool. Said upgrades will have the purpose of improving the tool's performance or adding new features.
  11. GXportal will not be liable in any case for the contents published. The user takes full responsibility for the publication of any type of contents and files, which are the full responsibility of the user who has created or published said content.

  12. Termination of contract: this agreement will terminate on the ending date of the specified agreement period or in successive automatic renewals. The user may unilaterally terminate it provided it gives the other party at least 30 days prior notice. Non-payment of fees will cause the agreement to be automatically terminated.

  13. GXportal will notify its customers 30 days in advance of the agreement’s expiry date, giving the user the possibility to renew it.

  14. GXportal does not make any guarantee that the programs will meet the customer's requirements, that they will operate in the combinations that the customer may select for use or that the operation of the programs will be uninterrupted or error-free. In no case shall GXportal be liable for consequential or immediate damages, non-realized savings, or any other complaint made by the customer or against the customer by a third party. Installing this version of GXportal implies acceptance of the above terms.