Frecuently Asked Questions

The frequently asked questions (FAQs) described below are designed for a better understanding of GXportal. They provide basic information on technical issues and licensing. For other inquiries you can contact us by sending an email to

How do I remove GXportal's advertising from my site?
This advertising is included only in the Free Plan More information.
What is the cost of GXportal Online?
There are several plans with different costs per month. More information.

What are the differences between the plans of GXportal Online?
More information.

Can I set up my site on my own domain?
 Yes, as long as you have a domain with DNS.

How do I renew the contracted plan for my site?
More Information.
Does GXportal have a free version?
Yes, see how to create a free site.
GXportal Allows managing users and roles?