GXportal allows you to create and maintain sites, without the need for programming, through a user-friendly web interface from which all users can design and post contents on the site with very little effort needed.

Easy to use

 Designer of Drag&Drop pages.
 Interface oriented at user needs.


 Full freedom for modifying your site’s design.
 You can modify all predefined templates.


 Publish contents dynamically in the languages of your choice.
 Publish multi-media contents and files.
 Dynamic forms.
 Content syndication with RSS.

Collaborative environments


Prepared for Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

 User-friendly URLs.
 Optimizes page indexation by browsers.
 Personalizes your meta-data for each page.

Web analytics

 Integrated with Google Analytics.
 Allows you to know who use the site and how they use it.
 Find out about your web’s performance.

Integration with Google

 Google Maps.
 Google RSS Feed.

Social Networks

 Google +.

Permits and user management

 User registry process.
 Access segmentation by roles.
 Handle access to certain pages and contents..