GXportal Local
  • GXportal Local

    With GXportal Local you can install GXportal  on your own server or on your hosting service.

    It is ideal for companies or organizations willing to build their institutional site, intranet and extranet, with the site’s database in their own facilities or in their web hosting provider.

    This edition offers all functionalities in the product. 

    A license of GXportal Local includes:
     1 license to create a site
     5 backend users to manage the site

    It is possible to contract as many backend user licenses as necessary.

    Note: as opposed to previous versions, users managing the contents with the "frontend contents manager" role do not need backend user licenses.
  • GXportal for Applications

    This product, developed to fulfill the needs of Solution Partners who are turning their applications to web, is meant for users willing to apply GXportal as a frontend for their applications. It includes all the functionalities for integrating applications, so that the developer can integrate his application by using the capabilities of user management, authentication and permit management offered by GXportal.

    A license of GXportal for Applications includes:

     1 license of GXportal for Applications
     1 backend user to manage the portal

    This edition differs from the Local edition in that it only allows the definition of 3 types of contents for publishing and it does not include the community, product catalogue and workflow modules.

    This edition may only be used in sites that use the login to access the rest of the pages, for it is focused on serving the frontend of the applications to be integrated through the portal.

    It is possible to contract as many backend user licenses as necessary. 

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