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Request keys and activate licenses (Java/MariaDB)

The steps to request the keys and activate the licenses will be as follows: 

First, change the file permissions of <HomeDirectory>/licmgr/sc and the directories <HomeDirectory> and <HomeDirectory>/licmgr. Give “rwx” permissions to the user and group and remove all permissions from the others.
Change the owner group to the group to which the user running the servlet server belongs.

For example:

chgrp <group> licmgr/
chmod 770 licmgr/

<group> = Name of the group to which the user running the Web Server belongs.

Note: <HomeDirectory> by default is /opt/gxportal60

Access the login page of the GXportal backend to generate the directory <HomeDirectory>/licmgr/System. Next, confirm if the System directory was created.

Generate the license request file.
To generate the license request file, use the following command:

sudo sh ./ –r <filename> <prodId> <prodId> … <prodId>


<filename>= Name of the file that will be generated with “.gxa” extension.
<prodId>= Space-separated product ID list. To see the list of products, you must use the command:  sh ./ -d

After generating this file, it must be sent to the local distributor with the following data:

Company name
Email to receive the file containing the product keys
Number of licenses per product
Type of license (limited or unlimited)
Number of days

4. License activation
Once you have received the file with the activation keys, you must proceed to activate the products. To do so, use the following command:

sudo sh ./ –e <filename>

<filename>= Name of the key files.

A summary of the information contained in the file is displayed and confirmation is requested to install the licenses.
To install, press "y", to cancel "n".