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Startup configuration of GXportal (Java/MariaDB)

The steps for the initial configuration of GXportal are explained below:

1. Access the GXportal backend from this URL:

2. Access the login screen of the GXportal backend as previously explained and log in with the username GXPADMIN, password gxp123; leave the Site field blank. 
Changing the password of the user GXPADMIN the first time you log in is recommended.

3. Create a new website
After entering the website name, the Multimedia option will be displayed. Configure the URL and path for images and multimedia files.
The image URL is the website domain; according to the installation example, it would be:
The physical route according to the steps would be: /var/www/
Next, you will be asked for the website administrator user details, and you will be able to start working.

4. Close the session of the GXPADMIN user and start a new session with the user created in the previous step. You will have to enter the username and password, and select the website created.
You can select a template to start the website or create an empty website.
If you select a template, you can publish the website and try to access the configured domain to confirm that you can access it.