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Change log 2020

  • 09/10/2020
    • New
      • New block is added to design the user registration form
      • A new block is added to activate the users who register to the site
      • A group of properties is added in the Content, Content List and Content Detail blocks to configure the label that is displayed to the left of the date that is displayed associated with a content. This allows you to set your style separately from the date's own text.
    • Fixes
      • Various corrections in the designer in the example texts that are shown in different blocks taking into account the language in which you are working.
      • When editing a limit point the name and preview of the color was not shown
      • Deleting a limit point did not expire the gradient cache
      • Webfonts were not loading in Matrix and Component Designer
      • The Body Style property was not saved
  • 08/12/2020
    • New
      • Stencils: allow designing a section of the page in a similar way to a "Component", but unlike the latter, stencils are instantiable in the same way as blocks, being able to modify the properties in each instance but maintaining the general design from a single place.
      • In the "Styles" the group "Container" was renamed to "Design" where the styles of "Sector" are found, and the possibility of defining styles for the "Body", "Group of regions", "Regions" and "Group of sectors".
      • You can define that a style inherits from another style of the same type.
      • A style can be associated to the "Body", "Group of regions", "Regions" and "Group of sectors", in the case that they are in a "Component", "Matrix", "Master page" or a page that does not inherit from any master page.
      • In "Design-> Domains" the property "Log \ Activate" was added to keep a record of the urls accessed that gave error. You can consult the log with the option "More actions \ Log".
      • In "Design-> Domains" the possibility of redirecting urls that give error was added. It can be edited from "More Actions \ Redirects". Whenever possible, it is preferable to define a "Shortcut" in the "Site Map" rather than a redirect here.
      • In the menu options and content categories, the possibility of defining the "Primary Color" (previously called "Color") and "Secondary Color" was added. When configuring their use in their respective blocks, you can choose to configure, for example, the "primary color" as the background color and the "secondary color" as the text color. Both colors can be used to configure any "color" type property in the blocks.
    • Upgrades
      • You can edit the layout of a "Component" directly from the page it is on.
      • Properties are added to the Content, Content Detail, List of Contents, History of Contents and Categorized Contents blocks to indicate whether you want to display the list of categories relative to the title of the content.
    • Fixes
      • When pasting text in the designer properties, in some cases the last copied block was also pasted next to the block that was being edited.
      • NavigationMenu block does not show submenu if it is in a component that is twice on the page
      • The language block does not correctly save the preferred language cookie
  • 01/09/2020
    • New
      • The Share URL block is added that allows you to enable options to share the URL of the current page on Twitter, Facebook, Linkedin or send it by email. It also has the option that the user can copy the Permalink of the current page.
    • Fixes
      • In the block to present the search engine results in case a text to be searched has not been specified, it does not show the message that no results were found.