How to migrate the contents to another tool?

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Change log 2021

  • 12/16/2021:
    • New
      • Indexing and searching with Lucene have been added
      • The GXportal tools now include the -cleancontents option to delete previous versions of a website’s contents
      • In the GXportal tools, the -NoDeleteIndexes argument has been added to reindexing. It indicates that indexes should not be deleted before reindexing begins
    • Update
      • The Impersonate method of the GXportalUser Control has been implemented
    • Fixes
      • Fixes have been made to indexing and searching with GXsearch
      • There was an error when "Saving as" a page if it had Matrices with anchors
      • In the search result, the abstract of a content was often cut off
  • 5/4/2021:
    • Fix
      • When using the gamwslogin web service and modifying any user data,
        GamUsrName would be null.
      • When a page was called from an external application using the pageredirect program, the language was represented in the URL even if it was set not to be represented.
      • Folders were not displayed correctly in the front end when they had role-based security