How to migrate the contents to another tool?

Table of content

Content states

Contents can have the following states:
  • Authorized: The content has been authorized and can be seen from the site in production.
  • Rejected: The content has been rejected and cannot be seen from the site in production.
  • In Process: Contents in this status are waiting to be authorized or rejected. They can be assigned to a channel-page-sector and can be displayed in the site preview. However, they must be Authorized to be displayed in the site in production
  • Blocked: When a user takes a content item to make changes to it, it is automatically blocked and no other user can take over this content until it is released. The only exception are site administrators, who can unblock contents. When the user clicks on 'Confirm' or 'Close' the content is unblocked. Therefore, the content will remain blocked until the user performs one of these two actions.