How to migrate the contents to another tool?

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How to define the title of a page

The page title is defined from the Sitemap: click on the page, and in the “Title” property of the “Title” Group, define the title of the page for each of the languages enabled on the website.

The elements displayed in the page title are defined in the “Mask” property of the “Title” Group. They can be domain title, folder title, master page title, page title, content title, page number.

You can get help about this property by hovering the mouse over the “Mask” property. For example, suppose you want to show: Domain > Folder > Page; the mask is: %1 > %2 > %4

If no “Mask” is defined for a page, the “Page title” is displayed.
If no “Page title” is defined, the “Page name” is displayed.

The image below shows the title of the page: