How to migrate the contents to another tool?

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How URLs are built?

A URL is set up, in a predefined manner, as follows:

If you want to remove a folder from the URL, select the folder from the Sitemap option, and in its properties -in the “Url” property group- assign value “No” to the “Represent in the url” property.

The value for representing both the folder and the page in the URL is the one defined in the “Friendly Url” property –in the “Url” group. This value is predetermined to be the same as its name. When a name includes words separated by a blank space, the blank is replaced by “-”

Suppose that, in your site, you have the “institutional” folder that includes the “success stories” page. The page’s URL has been predetermined to be:

When the value of  “Represent in the url” has been defined as “No” in the “institutional” folder, then the URL will be:

If, additionally, the “Success stories” page has the “Friendly Url” property with value  “stories”, then the URL will be: